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Panama is a stable Globilized Country



Panama has been ranked by the IMF, World Economic Forum and the Latin Business Chronicle as one of the most competitive and globalized economies in Latin America based on factors such as direct foreign investment, import and exportation figures, GDP growth, low inflation, security.

Panama is also politically stable, safe, has the US dollar as its currency and a nearly first-world communications and transportation infrastructure. (Broad band and internet services are better than most places in the States.) In the last year Panama has overtaken Uruguay as the most technologically advanced country in Latin America, and overtaken Chile as Latin America's leading recipient of foreign direct investment as a percent of its GDP. The combination of all these factors led to an upgrade of Panama's Sovereign debt rating to Investment grade


Panama has numerous advantages like the tropical weather, its privileged geographical position, Diversity of wild life, its beaches and mountains, and above all its people.


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